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How does Integrated Security work?
Why is Integrated Security better?
• Motion in ...more
I.S. Responses:
• Discontinue ...more
• Door opening ...more
I.S. Responses:
• Selective lock ...more
• Zone fault ...more
I.S. Responses:
• Set/Reset ...more
• Manual Pan/Tilt/Zoom signals to designated cameras
• Overrides of any current Access Control statuses
• Set/reset Alarm status
I.S. Programmable Responses:
• Alert Central Station
• Email/text alert to owner/designated responders
• Pop appropriate camera feed(s) to all responders
• Release of appropriate cameras to manual control
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Office Security Alarm systems

A fully-integrated, programmable system that merges Camera, Access Control, and Security Alarm systems to finely tune detection and response to any number of security events and virtually eliminate over-response to false alarms in Flossmoor, IL (60422)

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If you found this page looking to simply control access to a door, install a few security cameras, or hook up a burglar alarm system, we can do that of course. But with the complete technological convergence that Honeywell Pro-Watch and Max-Pro systems bring, you would do well to consider how all of these systems can interact—now or with future additions on your part—to accomplish so much more for your organization's security and control capabilities. The time has come for security cameras and webcams as well as building access control and burglar alarm systems to combine to fluidly work together as part of your computer network to expand the utility and features of each of these sub-systems well beyond your expectations.

Honeywell Integrated Security is a hardware/software platform that can be used with both Honeywell-based and most third-party component hardware (cameras, access control, alarm systems and sensors) to greatly enhance both control and intelligent response to all manner of security events.
There is no longer a need for an expensive, dedicated system to monitor your premises in Flossmoor, IL (60422). As our expertise also includes complete data network solutions, you can rest assured that we can fully integrate a security system that will best leverage your existing or future IT infrastructure. Contact us or fill out a Request Form to ask us to contact you!

Integrated Security works by allowing you to program a multitude of responses—both in the Cloud and as control back to external hardware—based on any number of triggers from external hardware regardless of origin/type (cameras, access sensors, alarm fault sensors, motion, smoke, temperature,...). This allows the entire system to more accurately assess the detailed nature of a security event and respond in the most precise/appropriate manner, virtually eliminating undue responses to false alarms.

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